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Vintage style beverage straws make a 2023 come back. Zero waste, carbon friendly and a great straw to boot.

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Donation Straws; Blue Planet Straws 50 pack.

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Donate to your favourite causes. 

Because you have chosen to purchase with us directly, we don't have to pay a sales rep firm for the transaction.

Instead we are taking that money and donating it to a variety of causes that we have curated here. Each cause has been verified to use money donated for the purpose it is donated.

We look forward to updating you on the amounts we have raised for these outstanding charities though the purchase of these straws.


Sea Shephard

Crisis Center of BC

One Straw

Habitat for Humanity


Ocean Wise

with more to be announced.

This service will be provided as a means to raise money for charity for as long as we are in business. Your sales rep can provide the service directly as well as the website.

What You Get;

50 Blue Planet Straws in our general eco friendly Retail French / English Packaging, The package has a top hangar and an MRSP of $6. 

Get 52% off at the till. Order a combined total of $300 and you automatically get a wholesale discount. Open an account with us to qualify for free shipping. 

Party On!

Planning to have single use straws at your next event is a great way to reduce germ transmission and help folks enjoy their drinks. Blue Planet Party Straws leave no waste and no trace. Just the good times. 


A perfect gift item for retail outlets. Our current accounts include business' of the following genres. 

Gift Shops
Aquarium Shops
Museum Shops
Truck Stops
Outdoor Gear retailers
Groceries Chains
Web Stores
Mail Order Catalogs
Private Label
No Name Discount
Corporate Giveaways
Golf Courses
School Supply Stores
Charity/Fund Raising
Cocktail / Mixology Specialty
Corner Stores
Liquor Stores
Dental Clinics
Impulse buys,
Golf Clubs
holiday retail
outdoor minded
Mass Market Outlets

High Demand for Alternative Straws.

Lots of people need straws to avoid tooth pain when consuming beverages. Straws are a great item to have on hand at any party. Having zero waste Blue Planet Straws helps the clean up and the planet. 

Straws are an important part of a party for many. Perfect for the next party you plan. School pool parties, garden parties, beach parties, weddings and all celebrations.

Plastic and Paper Straws contain chemicals called PFAS or forever chemicals. Plastic straws have been banned from sale in many countries. Paper straws may be next. 

Shaffer Foods makes drinking straws the old fashioned way, we grow them. Shaffer Foods is dedicated to reducing ocean waste, carbon and needless plastics and glues. Our straws are sturdy, will last many drinks, traditional for cocktail buffs and zero waste so disposing is easy either trash or compost. 


50 Blue Planet straws packaged in retail hangar pack. 

MRSP for our drink straws is $7.99 cdn per pack.

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Annual Straw Subscriptions are available by calling 604.865.0588

We guarantee always in stock

We are a local business

Reduce your waste with our Zero waste certified straws

Supports ocean research and rehabilitation.