Introducing Farm Grown Blue Planet Straws

Introducing Farm Grown Blue Planet Straws

Introducing Farm Grown Blue Planet Straws

By Gerald Shaffer, Feb 2023: 

I have good news. 

For those that love using straws.

For those that love authenticity and tradition

For those that love nature and all things natural


Blue Planet Straws are now available in your area.

Born in the earth, organically grown, traditionally hand cut and cured to honey brown. Blue Planet Straws and Shaffer Farms celebrate the bicentennial return of our industries original general use straw to the food and beverage disposable kitchenware lineup. Stays rigid in coffees and colas. Less expensive than factory made products, a good step towards net zero. A truly good product every service manager should consider to reduce cost and waste. 

In times when waste is systemic, we offer a zero waste straw

In times when carbon is proliferating our atmosphere, we offer a carbon reducing crop

In times of inflation, we offer a much cheaper alternative for your general straw use

Blue Planet Straws are the best because they are farm grown and naturally durable for hot & cold drinks. Outperforms other general use straws and costs less. 

You can directly support our farming by switching from your factory made straws to our farm grown Blue Planet Straws at our online store 

Gerald Shaffer.