Grass Straws Are So 1800’s

Grass Straws Are So 1800’s

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Grass Straws Are So 1800’s

(A Comeback Story For Farmers)

By Gerald Shaffer March 2023

An 1800’s staple of all bars and cafes. The beloved farm grown drinking straw served every purpose brought to it. Perfect for sipping, stirring and decorating hot and cold beverages. Even so its popularity waned with the introduction of factory produced paper and plastic straws of the so coined modern era. 

Around 1880 newly minted factory owners producing cigarettes and paper straws took to the press to abuse and disparage farmers as old and out of style. “Why use a grass straw when you can use a modern factory made straw?” With a large advertising budget the new paper products took off. Paper straws became the new go to straw of the 1900’s eventually being displaced itself by plastics. 

Today how the tides have turned. Paper and plastic straws are in the limelight but this time as being polluting to environments. Made often using cheap labour in developing countries, and like their cousins cigarettes, leaching toxicity into our food and environment when produced, used and discarded.  You can't fool this generation quite the same way.

Today grass straws are back! Farm grown straws like Blue Planet straws by Shaffer Farms are today's fashion statement. Consumers already know that organic farms growing crops can reduce atmospheric carbon, can be good for local economies and economic self reliance. Replacing 500 million factory made straws with farm grown ones just makes good sense. 

The best ideas come around again eventually. Converse high tops, Beatles music, Land Rovers and Blue Planet grass drinking straws from Shaffer Farms, great products whose time is back.

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