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It's Yer Party! Stay Single Use Safe.

Having a party is a lot of fun. Cleaning up is not.

Zero waste farm grown straws are the ideal straw to keep the party going and not leave you worrying about the waste, recycling or PFAS. Just throw and go. 

Zero waste 

no trace 

zero taste. 

Kids love the single use personal straws and tend to keep themselves safe by not sharing. Parents love that they are inexpensive, single use and available straight from the farm.

Shop now at packs of 50 or packs of 500.

for larger orders please call Gerald


or email

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Camping Straws

The outdoors is a wonderful place to be. Leaving no trace of your adventures is easier with our camping straws. Zero waste, zero taste and a great fire starter too.

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PPE Drinking Straws.

Zero Waste, Zero taste. PPE Straws are an important part of your safety kit. Germs causing disease on glassware and even bottles or coffee mugs is impossible to spot and is an easy way to get sick. Stay safe using PPE Single Use Zero Waste Disposable Straws.

These farm grown PPE straws have been a staple for 200 years in hospitals, hotels, railways and on airlines too. It's not their first pandemic either. Several generations have turned to straws to stay safe. 

Made from a single reed, each straw will be safe for you and safe for the environment. Zero waste means easy regular garbage disposal, no recycling or  PFAS. No trace. 

Hospitals, clinics, dental offices, surgeries, safe injection sites, work sites and offices will be safer if they offer PPE Straws  keeping you safe. You already wear a mask for airborne disease, be safe from shared or dirty glasses too.No middlemen, our farm gate to you. Save money, save carbon, get a better straw.

Switching to farm grown straws will vastly reduce ocean pollution from glues and papers used in todays factory made straws.

Ocean Safe,

Zero Waste.

Single Use Safe.

Join our community of folks enjoying the traditions of 200 years worth of growing drinking straws.

Fund Raising Opportunity

Here's a great way for groups looking to raise money for events this year

Drinking straws are an every day item that everyone loves. Farm grown straws don't pollute and offer a new old way to enjoy a beverage.




Sell 50 or 500 pack straws to businesses, parents, through local bars, liquor stores and any others willing to be involved. Get fundraising discounts to maximize your profits.  Use "fundraiser" at checkout for discounts. 

Bars, clubs, cafes or others using Blue Planet Drink Straws can apply to have a portion sent to the fundraiser of their choice such as Grad 2022 or a soccer team, your choice. . 

Straws are an everyday item that everyone uses. Zero waste straws leave no trace when you throw them away. Raising money and leaving no trace is a great strategy for today's environment centered concerns.

To enrol cal 604.865.0588 and ask for Gerald

Also apply at by entering your details on the site.

Raise money easily and ethically for your cause.


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