It has been 2 years in the planning.

Starting a small business locally is a big job. Shaffer Foods is a concept I've been carrying for years but the timing wasn't right, until now. 

12 years ago I wrote a business plan that focused on Ocean health by reducing toxic single use containers. It all started with the desire to help.

As a scuba diver I have enjoyed the oceans all over the world. New Zealand to the North Atlantic the ocean has never ceased to engulf my senses and create an urgency that cannot be denied. Ocean pollution bothered me greatly from this time spent in the ocean and I new it was my journey to do what I can to help. 

I looked at conservation style businesses like Ocean Wise, Friday Harbour, 4Oceans and even Sea Shepherd. All groups that I see as heroes. But My path took me to the source of the pollution which was very much on land.

It comes as no surprise that plastic straws have been estimated at 500 million per year. That's a lot. Obviously changes needed to be made and innovation is my thing. Indeed laws have changed and they are outlawed in many countries, so what do we use?

If we replace all the land based single use straws with ones grass ones that are ocean friendly, we can put a stop to this pollution madness. So it began.

My research took me on a digital journey of learning and sight seeing that opened my eyes to the possibilities. My idea became as simple as it was perfect.

I learned that in the years of 1807 to 1883 there was only one type of straw. It was made, of course, of straw. I also learned that many places around the world are starting to grow an old cultivated straw species, specifically Lepirona Articlata to make into drinking straws just like the old days and that they are hoping to replace plastic straws to help their economy grow.. 

As one farmer to another I quickly became friends with a number of farmers from all over the world eager to grow simple grasses to make straws cheaply, organically and for profit which may in the future include carbon credits year over year. This was the ticket. 

Today we hope to grow and distribute specialty grasses all over the world helping farmers grow a crop that is drought resistant, healthy for the soils, and provides a profit year over year from the land.

Carbon credits are increasing for farmlands growing similar cereal crops and our farmers are well placed to showcase how they are good for the planet. visit Nori to learn more.

So I am especially proud to say that our first shipment of SHAFFERS NATURAL DRINKING STRAWS are now in stock. 

Paper straws, plastic, and even many of the alternate straws are still highly processed and contain PFAS chemicals or other binders that are questionable for health and well being of our oceans and lakes. Straws from straw is the obvious best choice today. 

Our Blue Planet brand straws are organically grown, sun dried and ready to use to make the worlds best and simplest straw. Single use is always the Healthy choice and now even better its zero waste. 

Even better today we are getting ready to off a full line of single use take out containers made from our grasses. No chemicals added. Check them out online.

I'm excited to get on the road and show case our newest product. If you would like to get a look now or to set up an appointment then email me at


Remember the rules from early cocktail culture, offer customers one straw to stir, two to sip.