5 Things Better To Do With Your PAPER STRAW Than Drinking.

5 Things Better To Do With Your PAPER STRAW Than Drinking.

5 Things Better To Do With Your PAPER STRAW Than Drinking.

We are in a straw crisis. Plastic is out, metal tastes weird, silicone gets dirty and hard to clean, glass shatters and then there is the worst of the bunch, paper straws. Developed by a cigarette maker who thought, why not, we make tubes. paper straws have ruined our drinks for too many years.

Here are the top 5 things to do with paper straws that's better than putting them in your drink. 

  1. Fire Starters. Being so full of glues and binders with the addition of paper pulp makes paper straws an excellent fire starter. Use a few to get the fire really going but mind the flame doesn't come up the hole and burn you.

  1. Make Actual Paper. Paper straws dissolve so easily in our drinks that it makes sense if we take it a bit farther we can make paper. Dissolve as many straws as you like, a single sheet may take about 100 straws. Blend with a mixer to fully dissolve the straws into a pulpy mush. Now take a thin sheet of any material that will allow the water to seep through yet hold the pulp and put it on a frame as large as you would like your paper. Move the frame through the straw water collecting as much of the pulp as you can on your sheet. It starts to smell bad quickly so don't doddle. Smooth it out and let it dry. Voila, you have a piece of paper to write a complaint to the paper straw makers. Be Careful with the left overs as it's pretty toxic stuff and may plug your drainage systems or poison your soil.

  1. Spitballs. Fun fact you can dissolve the straw itself to make spitballs. It's all a bit gross so let's move on.

  1. Smoke them. Nobody is recommending this as something to do, but it may make more sense to smoke a paper straw than stir a drink - because it's made from cigarette paper. Think about that next time you run out of rollies late at night.

  1. Hobby Builds. This is a fun one. Paper straws already are filled with mostly glue so it makes sense that they would make great construction pieces for a model build. Fill the tubes with more glue to make them even stronger.

  1. Make your own paper glue. Dissolve as many paper straws as you need glue in enough water to dissolve them completely, slowly boil down the water until the glue is at the desired stickiness. 

That's really all the team could come up with for using paper straws. If you have any other ideas please let us know in the comments. Like and share so the algorithm knows to send you more cool stuff like this. 

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