Thank you for visiting our store. We supply a global market but always have some stock and samples here at our offices. On this site you can buy our products cheaper than going through a retailer.

Who we are.

Shaffers is a wholesale product design house. Originally a tailoring house our family moved to London, England in the early 1900s and branched into several industries including automotive, aeronautic, foods, equestrian goods, ceramics and wood products. George Shaffer Sr. held the Triumph licence and sold the last TR3 in the mid 70's in London, England.

Today Shaffers is involved with several projects all aimed at improving the environment, using the proceeds to further our work.

Current Projects today include

  1. West Coast Wildlife. Working with Black Bears to reduce conflicts with humans.

  2. Shaffers Straw Farm. Growing grasses to be used as drinking straws. Reducing carbon and increasing drinking pleasure.

  3. Shaffers Seaweed Farm. Growing seaweed for animal nutrition and helping to repopulate seaweed gardens.

  4. QuikSAR. We have developed several tools to help you get found fast (GFF). Working from 10 years as a SAR technician our products are a solid choice for bush walking EDC.

  5. Beach Clay. Producing beautiful ceramic ware inspired by our home on the beach. The sounds, colours and feel of the PNW resounds in our work.

  6. Art Design. Taking on projects such as the Gibsons Art Gallery Exhibit "Ghosts of Graffiti" a tribute to 20 years of graff in lower G. Creating custom T's and printed mugs and decals for specialty groups such as KTM and Landrover Collectors.

  7. BCBLOX. Our wood recycling program making products for sale out of wood from construction products. We make food crates and building block toys. Occasionally we create an adult themed game so look for that as an email special.

  8. The Doonesbury Band. Our music studio featuring Gerald and The Doonesbury Band. Our fictitious travelling band that gets to go out and have fun while I stay home and work. The lastest Album "Slow Down" was released July 14 2022. The band is touring currently in Japan. All money supports The Crisis Center of BC

Special Projects. There are several projects under developement that are sealed. Once complete and or patented the projects will be made available here. Current project names include. etw, emotion, RBM, to name a few.

SHAFFERS Store sells straight to you avoiding retailers and extra charges.

SHAFFERS is a long term business planning for the future. We hope to hear from you.


SHAFFERS is an award winning design house producing low run, high quality products including seaweed, ceramic, wood and product design.